“We’ll be diving deeper than ever before into the world of working from home, going beyond the industry buzz-words and making real sense of the transformation that’s hit every industry”
Nick Noble, Future PLC

The world of working has just changed. Remote working isn't just an option anymore. It’s a mission critical part of business models thanks to the global world health crisis. Businesses around the globe have rapidly pivoted to create short-term, remote conditions for their workforce. But how do they effectively deliver a longer term strategic approach  that will drive efficiencies and save costs through technology, infrastructure and their people? 


The Working From Home Show is a 2 day virtual event inviting SMEs, Corporate organisations, startups and the self employed to discover the world of working from home. What is now a temporary solution, will soon become the norm. 

Take a look at just some of the reasons to join us: 

A huge opportunity to get exposure to this large, active audience without the usual operational costs.   
Gain quality lead generation from a new audience

• On-site virtual sales 
• Brand awareness
• Networking opportunities

• Competitive edge in the industry
• Thought leadership
• Access to a unique audience